Today the Battlefield 4 will be live to al players in Korea. Living in the Netherlands and want to play today? Search for an VPN connection to Korea and activate your battlefield preload. When recieved some mb of the game, disconnect and close your vpn. Be welcome to play with us at our mumble service!
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To warm up before the launch of Battlefield 4, you will now get double XP playing Battlefield 3. Starting 3PM UTC and runing for 120 hours, the XP boost will enable you to rank up faster in Battlefield 3. The double XP period is available for all players on all platforms, on all ranked servers, and on all maps and modes in Battlefield 3.
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We had a great time enjoying the beta version of Battlefield 4. We hope to see you back soon on the final release of battlefield 4!
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Finally Battlefield 4 beta has been released. Your welcome to play with us at our Mumble server!
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This week (August 21 2AM PST till 11 AM CEST August 26) you can earn double XP with battlefield 3. Join us at our mumble service, and increase your rank!
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As our new server with linux doesn't support the teamspeak service, we are forced to use another communication software. At this moment we are going to testing our new mumble service, witch is going to be our default service. Expect our teamspeak service to be canceled at the end of July. Of course you are welcome to play with us at our new mumble server! The address of the service is with default port.
Writen by Primera on Tuesday 02 July 2013 - 11:40:39
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We are happy to announce our next double XP event open to all Battlefield 3 players. Starting May 9, all players can enjoy ranking up twice as fast. The event runs for a total of 96 hours (four days), and you can find all of the relevant info below. Hoping to see you on the Battlefield!

What: Double XP in Battlefield 3
Who: All Battlefield 3 players on all platforms
Criteria: Ranked servers, all maps and modes
Dates: May 9-13
Running time: 96 hours total
Start time: 02 AM PST / 09 AM UTC May 9

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